Winter has its Way with Us

There is something about icy winter air that makes me want to hibernate like so many of us.

Living in the southern hemisphere we all tend to be  like little solar powered bodies and try very hard to ignore the wintery warning signs.

Instead we soak up what we can of the last few rays.  All the signs are there though, the crisp chill, the icy breeze, the days growing shorter. We hesitate to pack out our winter clothes. Then when winter is finaly upon us, I like many of you I am sure, turn into a hermit. I spend more time indoors and much less outdoors. I add layer and layer just to conceal the tell tale signs of hot chocolate and too many inactive hours curled up on the couch. Not to mention the warm malva puddings, that seems so easy to whip up.

delicious malva pudding

delicious malva pudding


So this winter, which we can say, with out a doubt,  winter has arrived with vengeance. I promise myself I will continue with my exercise routine. I will keep reminding myself of our natural beauty and get outdoors and explore our surroundings. I will make every effort to cycle, walk and work in the veggie garden. I will keep my grumblings about the cold and how ill prepared I am for it, to a minium.  





lemon tree

so ripe

chilly winter day

chilly winter day

I will embrace the cold and allow myself the indulgence of hot chocolate and lazy times on the couch. We have a lot to look forward to, this cold weather is bringing the Southern Right Whales to our doorstep.

So lets celebrate the  Secret Season here in Plettenberg Bay together.


An Afternoon of Treats

high tea table bay hotelHigh Tea was originally created in Britain as the bridge between morning and evening meals in an era when eating twice a day was practice. The name takes its inspiration from the height on which the light snacks were served. It wasn’t long before what was simply something to tide the hungry over until supper became a ritual, that centered on entertainment.


There is nothing better to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon ( or any afternoon for that matter) than a deliciously  decadent High Tea at The Table Bay Hotel.  Sat in the lounge at one of the top 5 star luxury hotels in Cape Town, sipping on a cup of creamy Vanilla Bourbon TWG and enjoying  the panoramic views of Table Mountain as the wind brought in a blanket of mist on this chilly afternoon.

 Table Mountain        table bay hotel cape town

A first course of salmon and cream cheese sandwiches with a vegetarian wrap, three different quiches and of course the good old cucumber sandwich at its best. Accompanied by any hot drink you choose, though I would recommend trying as many different TWG teas as you can.

 aimé high tea       sandwiches high tea

Once finished, everything is elegantly snapped up and replaced with a hot new brew, cranberry and raisin scones plus the ever famous buttermilk scones. Served with a generous side portion of gooseberry jam, strawberry jam, lemon curd and the finest clotted cream!! In my opinion, bite sized scones and clotted cream complete a High Tea and make it just what it is… delectable!!

 aimé high tea.2                    high tea

Once everything was cleared for a second time and we ordered our dessert tea, we took awhile to prep ourselves for pudding as we had already been delighted with an elegant sufficiency! But how could we possibly say “no” to a table filled from head to tail with delectable sweet treats and a butler waiting on our every whim . Choosing from  triple chocolate brownies, chocolate puffs with hazelnut cream, peach and white chocolate gateau, cappuccino caramel Swiss roll, vanilla and lavender pannacotta, sharing the stage with cakes such as, black forest,  honey and almond, ginger and orange, the mojito lime and mint cake, and the famous  rainbow cheese cake.  I’ll have one of each please… On a wintery day opt for either the rice pudding with berry compote or a traditional malva pudding and custard.

 rainbow cheese cake       rainbow cheesecake

With the classical piano soothing your soul (and extended belly), a 5 star hotel with impeccable service, scrumptious treats and finest teas… What more could you possibly  want for the perfect date, girly catch up, 21st birthday, anniversary celebration or just an excuse to get out and people watch?!  



Welcome to the New Year!

One thing that we can always be sure of: change. Nothing stays the same; here at Cornerway we have experienced change. Just as we had to say goodbye to the old year, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Caroline. Caroline had to relocate to the city of Johannesburg and, although she will be well missed, we wish her all the best and are grateful for the time that she spent with us here at Cornerway House.


We welcomed in 2013 along with our newest member of the Cornerway family, Kathy. Kathy comes to us from a catering and foodie background – so watch this space for some super recipes! She will be handling our bookings, office and enquiries and assisting with the day-to-day running of the B&B.

Through the passing of years some things manage to remain the same, like life at Cornerway House – here you can still experience the same friendly, efficient service that you have come to expect, the same warm and welcoming ambience and, of course, owners Robin & Dee Pelham-Reid.


Just another Winters Day!


Plett is well known for having four seasons in one day, and that is putting it mildly. The day can start off with a beautiful sunrise and only a light breeze keeping the hair from your eyes.

 But within minutes you will see the clouds rolling in over Robberg and the ocean turning grey as the bright sun disappears and becomes a faded memory. Suddenly the rain will come pounding down and you will most likely be caught without your brollie!

Just as soon as you manage to find a dry spot to hide from the rain, all the clouds will clear and you will be met by the most amazing rainbow you have ever seen.  And this is Plett, never a dull moment………

Herewith a few calm before the storm photos taken by Cornerway House.