No Fuss Hike

salt river 3

Whether it’s a quick walk you’d like, or a leisurely stroll, Salt River in Nature’s Valley is the one to do.
Abounding with beauty from every angle, Salt River will capture your heart! It’s one of our favourite Plettenberg Bay hikes. Set out along the beach, savour the majestic coastline, and stumble upon all sorts of special sea creatures. Climbing over the Blue Rocks be it the right time of the year, you are almost guaranteed a whale spotting. Over the rocks and a few steps up into the fynbos forest and on your way down take a look to the left and be prepared to be blown away. What lies before you is a special place!
Sit! Relax! Skim stones along the river! Take time out! Watch the whales! Enjoy life! Savour the moment…for those steps up are a killer! One step at a time and you’ll make it. Take a breather and enjoy the view, there’s nowhere else in the world you would rather be at this moment.


Back on top and enjoying the coolness of the trees, make your way to the Village Viewpoint. Blown away second time round! After experiencing this magnificent view, there’s a path taking you down the hillside and back towards the beach.
What goes up must come down! As many steps as there are going up there are taking you down!
This walk can be done either way, back to front and front to back. So put on your shoes, pack your lunch bag and set off!


Winter has its Way with Us

There is something about icy winter air that makes me want to hibernate like so many of us.

Living in the southern hemisphere we all tend to be  like little solar powered bodies and try very hard to ignore the wintery warning signs.

Instead we soak up what we can of the last few rays.  All the signs are there though, the crisp chill, the icy breeze, the days growing shorter. We hesitate to pack out our winter clothes. Then when winter is finaly upon us, I like many of you I am sure, turn into a hermit. I spend more time indoors and much less outdoors. I add layer and layer just to conceal the tell tale signs of hot chocolate and too many inactive hours curled up on the couch. Not to mention the warm malva puddings, that seems so easy to whip up.

delicious malva pudding

delicious malva pudding


So this winter, which we can say, with out a doubt,  winter has arrived with vengeance. I promise myself I will continue with my exercise routine. I will keep reminding myself of our natural beauty and get outdoors and explore our surroundings. I will make every effort to cycle, walk and work in the veggie garden. I will keep my grumblings about the cold and how ill prepared I am for it, to a minium.  





lemon tree

so ripe

chilly winter day

chilly winter day

I will embrace the cold and allow myself the indulgence of hot chocolate and lazy times on the couch. We have a lot to look forward to, this cold weather is bringing the Southern Right Whales to our doorstep.

So lets celebrate the  Secret Season here in Plettenberg Bay together.


Community Recycling in Plettenberg Bay


Recycling in Plettenberg Bay

Saving our land fill in Plettenberg bay

Last year in October 2012, the WIN WIN SWOP SHOP was launched, in the Industrial Area. A pilot project for the Qolweni, Bossiesgif and Pine Tree areas. Similar successful projects are in existance in other towns. Hopefully soon it will be able to expand into other improvished areas in the Greater Plettenberg Bay.

A convenient facility is provided every Thursday afternoon, for the collection of recycleable materials. The local community, including young and old, collect paper, cardboard, plastic, tin and glass. This is then brought to be weighed and exchanged for points. These points are then redeemed in the Swop Shop for much needed goods, like food, toiletries, school requisites and clothing etc. The kids love to find a good pair of togs or a soccer ball. I have seen my well worn red patent leather moccassins and an all time favourite dress go to the same lady. I couldn’t help but think what good taste she has. All goods are donated, so we rely hugely on our kind community.

shopping at the swop shop                                Swop Shop

This project places value on recyclable goods which in turn cleans up the environment. Prevents dumping on the already over extended land fill. Creates environmental awareness. Teaches responsibility and ownership. Finaly, empowers the individual, which has more positive benefits….

Over the last 6 months we have collected about 26 tons of recyclable materials.

The success of a project like this is all about giving. Giving of ones own recycling, time ,finances, energy, creativity and commitment.

Shopping at swop shop

shoe shopping at win win swop shop


Swop Shop in Plettenberg Bay

Satisfied customer!



Welcome to the New Year!

One thing that we can always be sure of: change. Nothing stays the same; here at Cornerway we have experienced change. Just as we had to say goodbye to the old year, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Caroline. Caroline had to relocate to the city of Johannesburg and, although she will be well missed, we wish her all the best and are grateful for the time that she spent with us here at Cornerway House.


We welcomed in 2013 along with our newest member of the Cornerway family, Kathy. Kathy comes to us from a catering and foodie background – so watch this space for some super recipes! She will be handling our bookings, office and enquiries and assisting with the day-to-day running of the B&B.

Through the passing of years some things manage to remain the same, like life at Cornerway House – here you can still experience the same friendly, efficient service that you have come to expect, the same warm and welcoming ambience and, of course, owners Robin & Dee Pelham-Reid.


The Magic of Winter in Plettenberg Bay

Winter for me starts when the first oranges drop from the orange tree in the Cornerway garden. I love the bright orange colour of the oranges under the tree. 


There are a few things that make winter in Plettenberg Bay special to me:

Cold Feet: winter walks burn more kilojoules because the body has to work twice as hard. My favourite winter walk in Plett.

 Winter Fruits: Mmmm all the yummy oranges and grapes, much better to start the day with than All Bran Flakes.

 Sleeping Late: Your immune system gets a boost from lying in, and yes it has been medically proven!

Hot Chocolate: Protect your heart with a warm hot chocolate, as the Japanese believe it to protect against heart disease. What better reason to drink hot chocolate?

 Feed your skin: Winter dries the skin, so this is the perfect time to give your skin some extra TLC.

 On that note, I leave you with some special pics from our garden. Keep warm until next time!

Garden Blog 2

Red Hibiscus

Orange Blog Photo

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