Robberg Nature Reserve

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Robberg Nature Reserve  – right here in Plettenberg Bay, in the Garden Route, you can enjoy an amazing hike that is jam packed with a variety of terrains and the most spectacular views of the Garden Route Coastline. While the Robberg Peninsula protects Plettenberg Bay from the full force of … Continue reading

Plett welcomes the Whales

Humback Whale Tail

Humback Whale TailEach year with great anticipation we welcome the first appearance of whales in our Plettenberg Bay. They are such welcomed visitors, crossing thousands of miles of ocean to visit our coastline and bask in our warmer Indian Ocean water.

Southern right whales were almost hunted to extinction, because they were the right whales to hunt – hence their name. They visit Plettenberg Bay between June and November to mate and calve; who wouldn’t want spend time in our beautiful bay?  A fully grown Southern right whale can weigh up to 80 tons – almost 12 african elephants and can live up to 50 years. A close encounter is something not to be missed , they are truly massive and magnificent. They are easily identified by their black colour and callosities on the head: “little bonnets”. It is difficult to distinguish their sex but if you happen to see them mating and are fortunate enough to be close, the 4 metre male organ makes identification relatively obvious! 🙂  The female’s gestation period is approx. 12 months and the calf’s birth occurs in the same waters of Plettenberg Bay a year later.

whaleHumpback whales pass our shores on their way to their breeding grounds of Madagascar and Mozambique. They are the most energetic of all the large whales and are well known for their spectacular breaching, lobtailing, flipper slapping and skyhopping. Bryde Whales, smaller and slender are seen all year round, their large upright dorsal fin makes them look like huge dolphins.

So jump at the opportunity to go out with one of our local Whale watching boats and get really close to these mammoth mammels. Boats with permits are allowed to approach whales within 50 metres. Plettenberg Bay has several species of whales, dolphins and marine birds. Along Robberg Nature Reserve Peninsula you can see our large colony of Cape Fur Seals, the peninsula is also a great place for viewing whales.


Whether you prefer the close encounter, on a comfortable boat, an energetic kayak trip, a stroll on one of our beautiful beaches, or rather a bench perched at one of our look-out points with binoculars, take time out to watch the whales. Plettenberg Bay is known as the whale capital of the world!

Winter has its Way with Us

There is something about icy winter air that makes me want to hibernate like so many of us.

Living in the southern hemisphere we all tend to be  like little solar powered bodies and try very hard to ignore the wintery warning signs.

Instead we soak up what we can of the last few rays.  All the signs are there though, the crisp chill, the icy breeze, the days growing shorter. We hesitate to pack out our winter clothes. Then when winter is finaly upon us, I like many of you I am sure, turn into a hermit. I spend more time indoors and much less outdoors. I add layer and layer just to conceal the tell tale signs of hot chocolate and too many inactive hours curled up on the couch. Not to mention the warm malva puddings, that seems so easy to whip up.

delicious malva pudding

delicious malva pudding


So this winter, which we can say, with out a doubt,  winter has arrived with vengeance. I promise myself I will continue with my exercise routine. I will keep reminding myself of our natural beauty and get outdoors and explore our surroundings. I will make every effort to cycle, walk and work in the veggie garden. I will keep my grumblings about the cold and how ill prepared I am for it, to a minium.  





lemon tree

so ripe

chilly winter day

chilly winter day

I will embrace the cold and allow myself the indulgence of hot chocolate and lazy times on the couch. We have a lot to look forward to, this cold weather is bringing the Southern Right Whales to our doorstep.

So lets celebrate the  Secret Season here in Plettenberg Bay together.